Alexander Epple

Alexander Epple
Game / Graphics Programmer

Native speaker.


C2 proficiency and preferred language.

Programming Languages
.NET (C# / VB)

Used in almost all of my games and at work.

C / C++

Used for private projects and in university when possible.

HLSL / GLSL / Shaderlab

Used in private, university as well as at work.


Used in university courses as well as in my thesis.

Web Suite (HTML, CSS, JS)

Used in private projects.


Used in some university courses.


Used a bit in university as well as work.


Everything is and always has been heavily organized.

Teamwork & Leadership

Aquired by leading many university projects.

Beer Brewing

Converting the best hop flavors into drinkable form.

Bread Baking

Sourdough bread & pizza aficionado. Baguettes scare me.

Texas BBQ

Low & slow the world.

I am passionate about writing good, readable and stable code. I love making games, being creative, learning new skills and specializing in graphics & GPU programming.

Abitur (High School Diploma)
Ignaz Kögler Gymnasium2006-2014

EQF Niveau 4

Bachelor: Games Engineering
Technische Universität München2014-2015

Put on hold after one semester in 2015 due to work opportunity.

Bachelor: Games Engineering
Technische Universität München2017-2020

Continued and finished in 2020.

Master: Games Engineering
Technische Universität München2020-Current

Current occupation & planning to finish in 2023.

Work Experience
Software Engineer
ATX Hardware GmbH2015-2017
  • Development of Lomecs-Software
  • Various contributions to NH-Software
Student trainee
ATX Hardware GmbH2017-2020
  • Development of 2D renderer for NH-Software
  • Development of Raspberry-Pi camera system
  • Various contributions to NH-Software