Hoarder’s Curse


The game “Hoarder’s Curse” was developed over an entire weekend for the Ludum Dare 42 game jam, the topic of which was “Running out of space“. Our team consisted of four friends of mine and was split into two artists and two programmers. This was my first online game jam and our team and working area was completely organized by myself. Our game entry was a 2D platformer, were you have to beat the game with limited inventory slots and no way to remove an item once it has been picked up. There are many items, some more useful than others, but only so many slots and health points.

My responsibility was everything but enemy AI, as the second programmer was quite new to game coding. All game state, input and control systems were built by me, all art, music, sound and level design by our two artists. Since our artists were only familiar with 2D / drawing, we decided to build a 2D platformer with hand-drawn tile maps and animations.


Final Words

This being the first game jam that I had to organize, I fully expected for our game to not turn out all too great, especially considering that we did not have artists familiar with 3D modeling or pixel art. Although a few extra hours wouldn’t have been bad to iron out some bugs, the game does work and look surprisingly good. In hindsight it probably would have been good to limit the inventory even more, as most players did not actually run out of space..

The game is available for download below and can also be found on GitHub!

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