Alexander Epple
Game / Graphics Programmer

Native speaker.


C2 proficiency and preferred language.

Programming Languages
.NET (C# / VB)

Used in almost all of my games and at work.

C / C++

Used in private and university when possible.

HLSL / GLSL / Shaderlab

Used in private, university as well as at work.


Used in university courses as well as in my thesis.


Used in many university courses and some projects.


Used a bit in university as well as work.


Everything is and always has been heavily organized.

Teamwork & Leadership

Aquired by leading many university projects.

Mead Making

My blackberry melomel speaks for itself.

Beer Brewing

Converting the best hop flavors into drinkable form.

Bread Baking

Sourdough bread & pizza aficionado. Baguettes scare me.

Texas BBQ

Low & slow the world.

I am passionate about writing good, readable and stable code. I love making games, being creative, learning new skills and specializing in graphics & GPU programming.

Abitur (High School Diploma)
Ignaz Kögler Gymnasium2006-2014

EQF Niveau 4

Bachelor: Games Engineering
Technische Universität München2014-2015

Put on hold after one semester in 2015 due to work opportunity.

Bachelor: Games Engineering
Technische Universität München2017-2020

Continued and finished in 2020.

Master: Games Engineering
Technische Universität München2020-Current

Current occupation & planning to finish in 2022.

Work Experience
Software Engineer
ATX Hardware GmbH2015-2017
  • Development of Lomecs-Software
  • Various contributions to NH-Software
Student trainee
ATX Hardware GmbH2017-2020
  • Development of 2D renderer for NH-Software
  • Development of Raspberry-Pi camera system
  • Various contributions to NH-Software